Certification renewal 

Papelera del Oria, has renewed the certification of its Management System based on ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment) and ISO 50001(Energy) and FSC and PEFC standars (Chain of Custody). 

Additionally, food contact certification process for the food contact paper qualities ORIA PRINT, ORIA KRAFT, ORIA KRAFT GP, ORIA KRAFT WS and ORIA KRAFT GP +WS carried out by ISEGA according the the standard Bfr XXXVI were satisfactory. 

 [february 2024]

Improvement of environmental impact

Papelera del Oria, in accordance with its commitment towards reduction of its environmental impact has achieved an effluent volume reduction (m3 effluent/tn paper) over 6%.  In addition, a reduction of total waste amount (tn waste/tn paper) above 17% was also achieved.

 [february 2024]

Whistleblower channel

Papelera del Oria, SA, in application of Law 2/2023, that regulates the protection of the people who report infractions of the regulation and the fight against corruption, has set up a whistleblower channel on its website, through the email address

This channel, managed externally  to the company’s computer server and to which only the Compliance Officer has access, guarantees the confidentiality of the informant and the management of any complaint through the procedure established in the mentioned Law. 

 [may 2023]

“RÉVOLUTION”, book printed in Oria Print Natural 120 grs/sqm,  AWARDED in the International Comic Festival of Angouleme

“Révolution” is a trilogy about the French Revolution. A great mixture, which combines multiple characters and the 3 volumes will complete about 1.000 pages.  A book of events written by the authors Florent Grouazel and Younn Locard. 

The first  Volume “Liberté” resurrects the event of 1789 with characters of the age, was selected as “FAUVE D’OR” in the International Comic Festival of Angouleme 2020

The first volume was printed in Oria Print Natural 120 g/sqm


 [february 2023]

Occupational Health and Safety Audit

Papelera del Oria as a step prior to the integration of Occupational Health and Safety with the rest of its management systems (quality, environment, energy and chain of custody) has audited  with CDE, S.L. its management of Occupational Health and Safety according to ISO 45001:2018 criteria.


 [december 2022]

New auxiliary boiler

Papelera del Oria implements a new auxiliary boiler with low NOx emissions for its thermal demand, as an alternative to the existing cogeneration plant, which contributes to flexibility towards the unexpectable energetical situation derived from the Ukrainian conflict. 


 [october 2022]

Calculating the carbon footprint

In recent years, different initiatives and methodologies have emerged aiming to know the impact of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and their contribution to climate change.

Among them is the Carbon Footprint, environmental indicator that allows quantifying the GHG emissions that are produced and released into the atmosphere, using it as a reference to establish emission reduction measures. 

 By continuing its environmental strategy, Papelera del Oria  has decided to calculate its Organization Carbon Footprint, according  to ISO 14064 and GHG Protocol, considering scope 1 (direct emissions), scope 2 (indirect emissions associated to electricity) and scope 3 (other indirect emissions), as well as its  Product Carbon Footprint, according to ISO 14067, of the paper manufactured in the year 2021.


 [october 2022]

Protocol for the Prevention and Treatment of Situations of Sexual Harrasment and Harrasment for Reasons of Sex at Work 

As part of the Equality PLan for Women and Men approved in octiber 2020, the Equality Comitteeestablished a number of objectives for the year 2022, among which was the development of a Protocol for the Prevention and Treatment of Situations of Sexual Harrasment and Harrastment by Reason of Sex at Work 


The protocol has been worked out with the help of a company specialized in the subject matter and has been brought  to the attention of all company workers as well as all suppliers that provide their services in our facilities.


[october 2022]

Research and Development

Papelera del Oria is taking part in a R&D program supported by Hazitek


[abril 2022]

Contributing to the SDGs

In 2015 the United Nations General Assembly approved the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and defined 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in order to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure the prosperity of humanity. 

In its firm commitment to the 2030 Agenda and to the compliance of the SDGs, Papelera del Oria has analyzed  and  identified  the  SDGs  to  which  it  contributes  the  most by being alined with its activity      (SDG 3, SDG 6, SDG 7, SDG 12, SDG 13 & SDG 15)  establishing  3  SDGs  as priorities (SDG 3, SDG 6 & SDG 13)  on which this company has set objectives. 

[june 2021]

Papelera del Oria celebrates its 110th anniversary

In 2021 we celebrate 110 years since Papelera del Oria started its activity as an industrial company . 

 During all this time, this company has known how to adapt to all changes in the environment: markets, regulations, society…

The commitment with the quality of the products that we deliver to our customers, safety in our mill for the workers, the respect for the environment and the care of all the stakeholders are values that are revalidated every  day . 

We want to thank everyone who has collaborated and collaborate nowadays in making this possible. 

[february 2021]

Papelera del Oria completes the forming section rebuild implementing a state-of-the-art Duoshake

In the last years, Papelera del Oria has been focused on improving the product quality, especially considering  paper formation. 

In August 2019, an overall rebuild of the forming board of the paper machine was held, installing new dewatering elements in the forming section, including a V-Form Hydrofoil (Voith) which allows improving paper drainage, adjusting the height and angle of the foils. 

Additionally in August 2020, a new Duoshake – high frequency breast roll shaking unit (Voith) has been implemented  in the paper machine. The wide range of frequency and amplitude contribute to improve paper formation of the entire product range. 

[december 2020]

Commitment to the equality of Women and Men as a strategic element

Papelera del Oria has started in 2020 a journey and a commitment to the equality of Women and Men as a strategic element in its internal and external management that aims to stay in time. 

After carrying out a Diagnosis, it has approved a Plan of Equality for Women and Men 2020-2024, which is focused as a process of internal improvement, influencing processes, communication and learning, but also as a tractor element and external impact among our customers, suppliers and region.


[october 2020]

Obtaining of Certificates for food packaging

Papelera del Oria has obtained the food contact certifications for dry, wet and fatty foodstaffs for ORIA KRAFT WS and ORIA KRAFT GP+WS qualities. 

In addition, the food contact certifications for ORIA BAG NATURAL quality has been renewed. 



[october 2020]

Papelera del Oria launches its new website

The new website has a modern, attractive and intuitive graphical interface that shows the most relevant aspects of the company. Designed in both Spanish and English, it moves away from strictly industrial design to connect with the most current marketing trends. 

Finally, note that it is a website with an adaptable design for its correct visualization on mobile devices, given that currently web pages are consulted mostly on mobile phones rather than on computers. 


[may 2020]

New reel wrapping system

During the August annual closure, Papelera del Oria has afforded an importan investment on a new reel wrapping system, which for sure will contribute on:  

  • Improving the protection of the product delivered  in reels, increasing moisture resistance..
  • Updating the image of the reels, with a high end quality wrapping. 
  • Global recycling, as the materials used for the wrapping can be easily separated 
  • Improving safety of the wrapping section operators.

[september 2019]

Inside it’s environmental policy Papelera del Oria incorporates the IdraflotTM technology

As anyone can imagine, the Oria river is a key element for Papelera del Oria, even present in the company denomination.

In this sense, the company has defined and follows a strict Quality, Environmental, Energetic and Chain of Custody Policy. This policy directly benefits the river, currently counting with more than 15 different bird species, trout, barb fishes and even salmons.

In this constant investment line the company has now incorporated the IdraflotTM flotation technology based on dissolved air of Veolia Water Technologies. Thanks to that an excellent water effluent quality is obtained, fulfilling and even exceeding the current environmental requirements.


[september 2019]

Tecnología Idraflot

Renewal of certificates for food packaging

Papelera del Oria has renewed the aptitude for direct food contact of the following products:

  • ORIA PRINT – Suitable for direct contact with dry and non-fatty foodstaffs.
  • ORIA KRAFT – Suitable for direct contact with dry, wet and fatty foodstaffs.
  • ORIA KRAFT GP – Suitable for direct contact with dry, wet and fatty foodstaffs.

In addition, the food contact certification for dry, wet and fatty foodstaffs for ORIA BAG NATURAL quality is still valid.

Currently, Papelera del Oria is working towards obtaining the food contact certification por ORIA KRAFT WS quality.


[september 2019]

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