The Management of Papelera del Oria has defined a Quality, Environment, Energy and Chain of Custody Policy which:

  • is appropriate to the purpose of the organisation, the environmental impacts of its activities, products and services and the nature and extent of usage and energy consumption
  • includes a commitment to continually improve the effectiveness of its Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment, Energy and Chain of Custody, pollution prevention and energy performance
  • includes a commitment to comply with legal requirements and other requirements of the organization relating to the environment and the use and consumption of energy and energy efficiency
  • provides a framework for establishing and reviewing the resources required to achieve the established objectives of quality, environment and energy
  • supports the acquisition of products and services suited to the production process, environmentally friendly and energy efficient
  • is communicated and understood within the organisation
  • is renewed for continuing stability​                                                       

 Download Política de Calidad, Medio Ambiente, Energía y Cadena de custodia


Meeting the needs and requirements of our customers is essential to being a competitive organisation.  Therefore we believe that it is essential to promote the production of paper with a commitment to quality and service that meets customer expectations.                                                                    

Our desire to provide better customer service in all areas of our organisation has led us to implement and certify our System of Quality Management according to the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 contributing to the continuous improvement of all our products and services.                                                            

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The main values that define our company policy are respect for the natural environment in which they are located, prevention of pollution and optimising the use of natural resources.

This guarantees our continuing efforts to reduce environment impacts identifying and evaluating all environmental aspects.

To achieve less environmental impact on its surroundings, Papelera del Oria have committed to the Best Available Techniques (BAT’s). In recent years this has resulted in significant investments to reduce environmental impact, these have been BAT’s which have been tailored to our paper production process. These are as follows:

  • 1991: implementation of the cogeneration, equipped with 1 gas turbine (natural gas is considered cleaner and more efficient than the fossil fuels) and a steam turbine, producing the electric energy and the hear required for the manufacturing process.
  • 2001: installation of the new cogeneration plant, installing a new gas turbine and a new steam turbine, in order to satisfy the increased energy demand.
  • 2004: installation of a new wastewater treatment plant, based on a biological treatment with MBBR technology.
  • 2006: installation of a polydisc to optimize the use of different process water qualities, reducing water consumption and wastewater flow.
  • 2009: Enlarging of the wastewater treatment plant, implementing a new biological reactor MBBR for the reduction of the concentration of the effluent.

Our compromise with the Environment has helped us to implement and achieve certification of our Integrated Management System under the norm UNE-EN-ISO-14001.

 Download  ISO 14001 certificate 

In 2012, the agreement to the document “Program of Ecoefficiency in the Basque Industry 2010-2014”, promoted by IHOBE, was signed by Papelera del Oria, S.A.

In february of 2015 we obtained the UE Ecolabel Certificate

 UE Ecolabel Certificate

​Finally, in collaboration with the 5S Club of Euskalit, the 5S methodology (order and cleanliness) is being implemented in several areas of the mill.

 Download Diploma sala de control de máquina de papel

 Download Diploma de laboratorio



One of the targets of Papelera del Oria, S.A. is to optimize the energy performance (use of energy, energy efficiency and energy consumption) of the manufacturing process, by the acquisition of energy efficient products and services. Related to this, we have started the process to implement the Energy Management System based on the norm UNE-ISO 50001, which will be completed by the beginning of year 2014.

 Download  ISO 50001 certificate 

Chain of Custody

Papelera del Oria, S.A. guarantees the origin and the sustainable use of the pulp during the production process, verifying that the pulps comes from controlled forests, sustainable and in which, human rights are respected, according to the next international standards:                                          

Sistema FSC®; (Forest Stewardship Council) 
The FSC is an independent organization, nongovernmental, international and non-profit, dedicated to promote environmental sustainable forest management all over the world. The certification of the chain of custody FSC permits the traceability from the origin of the raw materials to the destination of the produced product.

More information:

PEFC​ (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification)
PEFCTM  is a nongovernmental, independent, non-profit, world wide organization, which promotes the sustainable management of forests in order to achieve social, economic and environmental balance. Products certified as PEFCTM are guaranteed to be from sustainably managed forests.

More information:
Papelera del Oria, S.A. is committed to fulfilling the requirements of both forest management systems, having implanted and certificated the FSC® Chain of Custody, as well as the PEFCTM Chain of Custody.

 Download FSC® 

 Download PEFCTM